Monday, August 10, 2009


Are you inspired by your company? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you have, chances are that most of you out there, are not inspired and yearn to be inspired!

I just got back from Houston, Texas, where I attended the National Associates Meeting with Consolidated Graphics. Now, if you aren't sure what this meeting is...see my previous post and it'll give you a 30,000 foot view....

Now, most companies when they have a national becomes sort a happy hour of sorts for an entire weekend. Well, Consolidated Graphics has found a happy medium.

This weekend was not only fun, but ABSOLUTELY INSPIRATIONAL! I have seen what's about to enter our market place in the way of talent and tools. The printing industry is about to be turned up-side down and sideways and for the better!

I met over 300 young people who have not just a passion for print and all things printed, but a passion to lead and a passion to share it with the world. These young people are full of great ideas, industry knowledge and a passion I haven't seen in years.

The entire weekend there were discussions about bringing more to our clients and prospects; giving value first and expecting nothing in return. What a great concept! Give value first, expect nothing in return! Isn't that the basis for what we as people are to strive for? I think so. And using that basis as a business concept is powerful.

Over the weekend I listed to industry leaders like Daniel Dejan from Sappi, speak about best practices and ways to engage and build business for our clients like I've never heard before.

If you don't know who Consolidated Graphics'll soon find out. Keep your eyes open everyone...there are some great things on the horizon!

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  1. Very exciting indeed Nikki!

    Well stated!

    Paul Castain